Oral Diabetic Medications That May or May Not Cause Hypoglycemia

Oral diabetic prescriptions that can trigger reduced blood sugar or hypoglycemia The following sulfonylurea medications for diabetic issues can cause hypoglycemia as a side effect.

* Glipizide (Glucotrol).
* Glyburide (such as DiaBeta, Glynase, Micronase).
* Glimepiride (Amaryl) Repaglinide (Prandin) and nateglinide (Starlix) are not sulfonylurea medications.

However, they work in the same way and can also cause low blood sugar level as a side effect. You are unlikely to develop hypoglycemia if you are taking:.

* Metformin (Glucophage).
* Acarbose (Precose).
* Rosiglitazone (Avandia).
* Pioglitazone (Actos).

Indicators of Hypoglycemia:.
** Anxiety, faintness, dizziness.
** Headache.
** Beating of heart, trembling, anxiety.
** obscured vision.
** Appetite.
** Irritability.
** Personality Change.
** Not able to awaken.

It is important to understand if you oral diabetic prescription has the negative side effects of low bs since if you are going out or driving, you need to check your sugar before you leave and make sure you take hard sweet with you in your pocket or purse at all times. You should also have a supply of hard candy in your car whatsoever times and not in the torso of your automobile.

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