Diabetic Care Products

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UniStrip Test Strips for Use with Onetouch® Ultra® Meters (100)

Accurate results that are closely comparable to the results obtained by using the One Touch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Statistical data has been obtained by using the Parkes Error Grid. The capillary action automatically draws the blo Price: Read More

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Diabetic & Vascular Insole’s with Holofiber and Breathoprene Technology

Completely Safe and Latex Free For Diabetics and the Vascularly Impaired. Made with Holofiber Technology: The worlds first body responsive textile fiber. Clinical studies among diabetic showed an 8% to 12% improvement in blood oxygenation, which can Price:$25.00 Read More

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Diabetic CREW Socks MEN XL, sock size 13-15, 1 dozen Pairs, white

12 Pairs Crew Style for MEN, absolutely Factory Fresh, Brand new – Made in the USA, exactly as pictured, sock Size 13-15 *typically fits men with shoe size 12 – 13.5. For best fit, simply order the sock size that you buy in the store. *ORDER the soc Price:$39.99 Read More

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TriDerma Diabetic Ulcer Defense Healing Cream – 2.2 oz

Worried of your high sugar levels and the accompanied skin complications specifically affecting your legs and feet? Healing minor to severe diabetic ulcers is a medically acclaimed cream that contains more than 200 natural healing properties as well! Price:$18.00 Read More

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DermaSyn Hydrogel Dressing 3 oz. Tube 1 each

Pressure Ulcers (Stages I-IV) Skin Conditions Associated with Peristomal Care. Diabetic Ulcers & Foot Ulcers. 1st & 2nd Degree Burns Stasis Ulcers Price: Read More

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Truform 8865, Compression Stockings, Below Knee, Closed Toe, 20-30 mmhg, Black, Large

Designed to help relieve moderate conditions associated with poor circulation. Graduated compression technology delivers a compressive action to the leg that is greatest at the ankle, then gradually decreases toward the heart. The amount of compressi Price:$29.09 Read More

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Foot Cream for Dry | Cracked | Itchy Feet. Repair and Heels Feet. Fast, Easy and Completely Painless. All Natural Herbal Formula. Completly Therapeutic Cream. Foot Cream with Clove and Sandalwood Oil. Speeds up Cell Renewal | Moisturizer | Repairs. Safe for Use By Diabetics. Relieves Itching and Helps Soften Dry Cracked Skin. Anti-fungal (Antifungal) and Exfoliating. Moisturizing and Softening Lotion. Best Cream for Athletes Feet. – 30 Grams – Vaadi Herbals

ALL Naturals. NO SLES/SLS. NO Sulfates. NO Harsh Chemicals. NO Detergents. NO Synthetic Colors. NO Preservatives. NO Silicone. NO Paraben. No Mineral Oil. No Formaldehyde. NO Animal Testing. NO Gluten. NO Alcohol. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Price:$19.99 Read More

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Healmateforever dynamic gel insoles for men and women. HealthmateForever Acupressure Dynamic Glycerine Liquid happy insoles for sore feet, therapeutic massaging insoles, relax feet, help improve circulation, diabetic feet pain, plantar fasciitis. Back, Hip pain, Knee Pain, Heel Pain, Bone Spurs pain relief. Maximum Absorption, premium insoles, 100% Quality Guarantee. Women’s size S 7-8

Detailed Product Description Liquid Glycerin Filled Shoe Insoles help provide comfort and relief you just can’t get with traditional shoe insoles or inserts. Our insoles work great to help relieve pain associated with long periods of walking or stand Price: Read More

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NOW Foods Chromium Picolinate 200mcg, 250 Capsules

Chromium Picolinate by Now Foods 250 Capsule Chromium Picolinate 250 Capsule Product Chromium is an essential trace mineral that works with insulin to support healthy blood glucose levels and plays an important role in the proper utilization of prote Price:$14.99 Read More

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